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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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here comes another one!
sketching more of this manga shit, before work. :P

The good stuff is coming! xD

Wear that manga on your sleeve man, keep it coming!
ed i love your sequential work man. I don't see many people interested in doing that kind of practice on the CD forums. I'm actually working on some traditional sequential stuff I can't post right now. Have you got yourself a copy of framed ink? It's been my main guide for creating sequential stuff
Great stuff eddy and no problem we wont hold the manga stuff against you :P just push push push!!!
atrenr: Thanks mate! also, its funny because manga is the spanish word for sleeve.

Mr.Toodles: Thanks! be sure to tell me when you upload something related to your project, i would love to see it! also, thanks for telling me about that book, it looks great and i think i will order it from amazon asap.

Cj_marsh: glad to read that mate! i will keep pushing!! :)

But i´m still busy as hell, so here is some more pitiful sketches...

Kept you waiting huh? xD

I started to work again on the novel, this time i´m busy with the design of the new protagonist.
Nadia. She is close related to Rose.
And it isnt the only change on the novel, there is more in the making :P


Which color scheme do you prefer?
Personally i like the blue one.

The fully rendered version is coming!

PD: in the case someone is interested in a step by step or something like that, just tell me.


The greenish colors are much better imho, but the pattern makes the chest look dull. Maybe 1 with the colors of 2?
Yeah, seems like the green one is the winner.
MrBeast, maybe something like this?


Nice rendering on the head. For the chest I would switch the black and the green. (Leaving shoulders and arms as they are.)
sorry for the late reply MrBeast, i changed the design a bit when rendering it.
I´m satisfied with the rendering of the face yeah, and i added a camo pattern to the green parts of the suit too.
Now her stealth suit has the back and legs reinforced to reduce damage from falling and muscular fatigue when running.

Thumbs up Eduardo!
I do think there is bit too much white on the legs though, I am not sure the light would be that intense there to make those highlights - but thats just nitpicking :)
Hey, I didn't know you can manga, looks cool! Nadia looks nice, you might consider changing the material of her outfit, unless she is about to go underwater hehe
Thanks Ursula, iCi! :)

you both are right, the material of her suit is too latex like, i definitely need to make it more opaque.
Will upload an updated version soon, along with moar stuff.
here is my current wip, this time i´m designing another Divinitus character, Jane.
Oh boy, the more i get into character design the more i like it!
yes, there's a reason for her to go showing her chest. x]

[attachment=12585] we can stare.
yup iCi, but its for science. :)

I spend much more time than necessary on this one. xD But i kinda like the result.
good morning daggers! :)

Mannn I'm loving the characters! Jane is badass. Those anatomy studies are looking sweet to.
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