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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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Naaaice! I'm avoiding 3D at the moment like the plague so what you're doing seems crazy. Awesome progression though, keep it up! ;)
smrr: haha i can always give him a gigantic sword or something so he doesnt feel bad. xD

Nowio: I recommend starting with 3d to everyone lol, i'm like one of those religious zealots that become fanatics  after converting. xD Seriously, its actually really fun, just download the free version of Zbrush, Sculptris and start modeling some clay, dont be afraid!

So today i just added hair and some details here and there, i was thinking about adding more detail to the clothing but, since i want to put this one in a game engine i guess i will make most of the detail in the textures.

It ended up being a xenogears fanart hehe

Wow, Eduardo, you're being so productive! It's really inspiring. I think your 3D works are already looking really good. I have no idea about how 3D works, but I'm actually thinking about getting the free version of zbrush now, like you suggested to Nowio, and give it a try. I'm currently a bit busy with stuff though, but maybe there's some free time ahead later. (The thing is I already prepared stuff for 3D Animators and I guess it would help me a big deal to have a basic understanding of how they work).
Also really digging the Amarok Designs (I loooove green hair), my fav is the little girl with yellow eyes and grey hair. (I just looked at it a second time and noticed she has no eyebrows. It's funny that at first I didn't notice this at all...)
I've got nothing really constructive to say other than the things that have already been said and that you're already working on, so I'm just gonna say: KEEP IT UP
Cyprinus: Hi there! yes! i think you will love sculptris, even more if you already have some basic idea of how these programs generally work. Also i'm glad you like these designs for Amarok. :) Yeah i love green hair too haha my second fav hair color after red i guess. The girl without eyebrows is actually becoming a real design challenge. Because, she needs to be cute BUT also, she shouldnt look completely human. Something cute but weird and inhuman at the same time, we will see...
Thanks again for stopping by! :)

Another work in progress, gotta watch some tutorials on likeness and rendering. Used Gaspard Ulliel as reference but so far it looks more like William Dafoe lol i figured that at least part of the problem is on the jaw and the wrinkles of the expression being too evident without texturing the model.



And a little bonus, i tried to make and pose an anime character in zbrush the other day, kinda want to make my own pvc figure so i can 3d print maybe haha. 

These are awesome :D
are you making it for a game?
(07-08-2015, 04:54 AM)Prabu Wrote: [ -> ]These are awesome :D
are you making it for a game?

Thanks mate! yeah, ideally i want to make a turn based strategic rpg in the unreal engine, thats what all this Amarok concepts in earlier pages are all about.
Awesome :D
What are the major tools you are using to produce most of the 3D content?
hmm, have you tried out a software called Metasequoia + Parthenon renderer?
Prabu: sorry for the late reply mate! at the moment i use zrbush for sculpting and used blender when i was learning to make and import game assets into Unity4, but now i want to use the Unreal engine so i have to start learning all the pipeline from the beginning haha. That metasequoia software looks interesting, i might give it a try :D

So here is an update on that likeness study i was doing, im progressing super slow, because this is kinda difficult. 
This is like trying to make a super accurate portrait from all angles with a reference shots haha. 


Btw, i was thinking about getting a membership on digital tutors to get some courses like this one:

Anyone who read this has used that page before? some people on polycount says the courses there are great, but i would love a second opinion. 
Cheers daggers, i hope whenever you are its cool and not 40-45 degrees like here. xD
Hey there daggerss! i hate summer, i hate it. 
The heat, life and some commissions slowed me down this month, but im still working on this. 
Slowly, but surely this videogame project is becoming a reality. 
Of course, progress is at like 0.1 percent, but thats because i still dont have the skills to start producing assets like crazy. xD But so what, just keep working until you are good enough. 

And here is the first try at doing a model for the game, with the unreal engine 4 in mind, i want to be it as detailed and life like as possible. Lets see how far i can get...


And without the ballistic mask: 

cool stuff dude, i wanna see how that model turns out

i been fence siting on learning zbrush
really should do it.
Man, I really like how those face models are turning out. Looking real good. If I can make a suggestion, it looks like something the faces are missing is a good brow on them. It kind of looks like they don't have that area that sticks out and shades the eyes from light.
Awesome updates as usual man, that armour wip is lookin great.
The face looks good from the front but looks dodgy in 3/4 view, as modblot said the brow is'nt that great and I think the nose to brow transition looks off as well.
(07-21-2015, 10:36 PM)EduardoGaray Wrote: [ -> ] But so what, just keep working until you are good enough. 
Bloody damn right, Eddy! 100% !
Who does like Summer ;____; ? It's death.
Digging the updates dude, especially the Medium armour design - looks sweet. Reminds me of Deathstroke and Mass Effect for some reason.
Also really liking the realistic-looking chick. Cool stuff
I shall continue to be a stalker on your sketchbook c: *hides behind plant*
Awesome anime stuff  Thanks for dropping by my SB every now and then btw. Loved your rainfall manga artworks btw. :D Awesome SB too. :)
Oooh nice 3D stuff man!

And yeah, go right into studying it hardcore man. You will be kicking ass in this in no time :)
I was also peeking at this guys class:
Maybe it's worth checking it out (didn't find it too expensive, and the free chapter is awesome even for painters)
Awesome 3d stuff man, keep it up ! xO
Hi there daggers! ;D sorry for neglecting the sketchbook this month, with the heat and stuff i wanted to take a little break from everything. But i've been working on stuff too,  the first Prototype for Amarok may be closer than expected!
Also sorry for the late reply guys! 

iggytek: Thanks! I you havent started yet with zbrush, go for it! its really fun and has a lot of applications not just 3d, one of these days i have to try using 3d models on an illustration. 

modblot: thanks for the advice, i practied a few faces this month, i think they look better now... maybe? xD

Triggerpigking: You both were right, i think i have improved a bit in that area, but faces are so complex, there is a lot of volumes and stuff to put together in harmony, otherwise you get something weird haha, maybe thats why i like sculpting/painting faces so much. 

smrr: Thank you :) I wish i had a fortress of solitude in the north pole to hide there from june to november haha. I googled Deathstroke and yeah, i can see it, but i decided to redesign that armor anyway. I wanted a more organic feeling to tie the design with some game mechanics, cant say much more atm!

Nestergen: I have neglected the daggers recently, i have a lot of SB to see, yours is in the list haha. Man, Rainfall, i really miss working on that. One day... 

Ursula Dorada: I already thanked you on FB but this tutorial series is so cheap and so good that i will say it again, Thanks! xD Seriously, the only other similar tutorial i found was like 150 bucks! 

ShinOkami: Thanks mate! :)

I will be posting the stuff i have done in this time in chronological order. 

First attempt at creating a character model for Amarok: 



Ar Nosurge/Ciel Nosurge fanart, character: Ionasal kkk Preciel



Second attempt at making a character model for the game, still not there, but getting closer!


Hey, great sculpts! Looks like you're having a lot of fun here. Hope to see some more of your stuff soon! Thumbs_up
Man Eduardo, I totally feel you about the heat. This summer has been TERRIBLE. It's so hot, I can't even remember temperatures like that. It has really hit me hard, too ):

BUT apparently the heat didn't keep you from doing these great models! I think they came out really well, you really improved when it comes to modelling the hair as well!
The last portrait has a really intense expression, I like that. I read that it's a wip, do you plan on adding more detail to the hair?
Now I want to continue playing around with 3D as well. But last week I also got a book about Animation. Ahhh I don't know what to do, I'm confused....

Anyway, keep them coming!!!
Bookend: hey thanks mate! :D 

Cyprinus: Its been a terrible summer indeed, only these last days we are having a brief respite from the heat. 
About that portrait, yeah that was only the zbrush high poly sculpt. I spent the last week trying to figure out how to make that model useable in a game engine, i think i succeded... more or less. xD
Oh regarding your dilemma between 3d and animation, why not both? there is this awesome technique: 
It was used in animation masterpieces like Gundam Unicorn, and looks like a cool and quick way to get better at 3d and animation at the same time. 

Not much to show this time, since i spend the last week with more technical stuff like retopology, rigging, texturing, etc... 

But here is the low poly model of the last sculpt, at about 12k polys. 
Texture baked from zbrush polypaint with Xnormal, normal map baked with Xnormal too. 
Retopo done in zbrush, rigging in Blender and Rendered in Marmoset viewer. 



You can view it in 3d with the cool marmoset plugin on artstation.
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