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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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thanks mate, indeed i need to study a lot more.
here is a new base to do some character design for my graphic novel project.
Still working on it, so much fun!

I love how your eureka 7 piece turned out, keep it up!


Looking very nice Eduardo. I like this female character, she looks tough.
Thanks Lumens, Brainfruit! :)
Here is another update, i spent more time than expected on her face but, i wanted to make her as appealing as possible (according to my own tastes of course ;))


And just for the lulz, this is the same character, but i did it on 28 November 2011 (it was my very first digital painting!) Xia taptara tutorials helped me a lot.


she look pretty, right? xD
finished concept, now i have to do some male characters haha


Hey Eduardo, She is looking cool I like her tattoos, she's very pretty!
I think maybe her legs are a little big and belly button a little high? I made an example to show what I mean:

[Image: legs_by_brainfruit-d5n8vsj.jpg]
Hey Brain, well for this concept i went for a more stylized body protortions (almost manga ones) but still i will revise the belly button area, maybe its too high.
And thanks for the advice mate!
I like this last one! There's a Street Fighter vibe to it, reminds me of Cammy.

Although there are some problems with the final rendering, mainly the latex(?) and the way the pants fold. I know it's a bore to do the anatomy and then not being able to show it in the final work but latex wouldn't show as much detail as you did and the reflections would be mostly speculars and with less diffusion. Some examples (very enjoyable research :P):
[Image: latex.png]
[Image: Latex-font-b-leotard-b-font-.jpg]
And as for the pants:
[Image: Fatigues-3386.jpg]
Knee pads:
[Image: acu+%26+knee+pads.jpg]

The good news? You have great skills and most of the things missing or that could be better are easily fixed with some research.

Love your sketchbook and want to see that male characters!
thanks a lot bemota! i couldnt find any good references by myself so, i had to render the thermal t-shirt "blind"
I´m going to steal those references really fast haha

For the male characters, they are coming!


I know what you mean about the tall manga characters. I've seen some of them on the net. Either way she looks hot. Is she single? Haha!
Yep she is! but be careful, she is sexy and lethal in equal measure. xD
Hey Eddy, I really liked that concept!
But yup, do some cloth studies, it will do you good.
Also, don't be afraid to get rid of the white under your painting. White make stuff wash out and look flat - so set a base color, and some color variation, then you build volume :D
Thanks Ursula! I will take note :)
I used the random character generator for this one, i started to work a bit more from imagination, i hope to get better at that!


Love it!
Thanks Brain!
I returned to my previous concept, i used references from real thermal shirts, and tried to render the chest part in a more realistic way.
The shirt looks much better now, actual cloth rather a tight plastic/rubber gj~
Lovely work Eduardo! have you seen trevor claxton's ''babycakes''
character? it is a really good example of balancing a tough, athletic looking female while still retaining
some softness and curves.