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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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Just hands today, from bridgman, photos and my own.

Dude, great simplified anatomy! It's good to see manga artists here in the daggers!
Thanks mate! i dont really see myself as a manga artist xD i dont really like etiquettes at all.
I just try to draw the stuff i like, thats all haha.

Talking about manga, today i was contacted by Celsys (the japanese company behind Manga studio and Clip Studio Paint) they were interested in putting that picture with the faces of the two protagonists of my comic project in their facebook. Thats cool i guess, i'm glad they liked it.

Also, why no one ever told me about Gundam Unicorn?? because its the most amazing thing i've watched in years, i've only seen the first three ovas, and... so good, i've listening to the soundtrack all day. Also, Marida Cruz is just too awesome, my spider sense can feel some fanart coming. :D

Arms studies using Bridgman


And using Bridgman/Bruce Lee as initial references, practicing the torso area from imagination.
I've found that working a lot from imagination is so much more efficient in the long run.
Is like learning 4X faster.

This is awesome, keep it up.
Keep on rockin' mate. Those studies are great ;3
Yeah dude, sweet stuff as always when I drop by! You went from drawing hands the wrong way round to a hand pro in a few months lol. Keep up those studies man, there really paying off. Those eyes still look abit weird to me though, especially now all the rest of your anatomy is getting pretty sharp.
These comic style strips are awesome too man, I love how you generate so much action and mood in them. Inspiring stuff! I love it all.
Lots o' good studies, Ed!
crackedskull: thanks a lot! :D

ramalooke: you're beautiful mate, thanks! :)

Warburton: thanks! well, it was your critique back then what made me realize that i needed to push myself forward and work harder, so i dont think i could have improved this much without you! :)
I´m also very glad you like this recent comic stuff, since im pretty noob at it.
As always, thanks a lot for your help and support mate!

MrFrenik: thanks man! :)

Lazy sunday is lazy, i just spent the day learning to cook paella, watching Gundam Unicorn (oh god, yes!) taking a coffee with some friends aand, painting this.

"Compassion alone does not save people..
it cannot erase sins or wash away the impurities..
but inspite of it.. even so..."

Those studies are damn good. Are those pencil, or PS? I know it's dumb and doesn't matter, I'm just curious because of the linework, haha. Can't wait to see where these studies take your figures!

Also, that fighter girl looks an awful lot like Mikasa. :p
Woah man, really killing those studies, especially the hands they are looking great. Urmm what I would say is in the last illustration the girls arm, I am guessing is supposed to be her right arm, but the hand,it is drawn as if it was her left arm's hand, so the thumb is on the outside when it should be on the inside. Either way really want to see more of those comic pages, keep it up :D
i started watching anime again and it reminded me of your work.
and as the great bruce lee said “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” keep on applying dat torso and whatever else you're studying :)
Archreux: hey thanks! also no prob, the question isnt dumb at all. Its Photoshop, but i've been using a round brush with a graphite texture because, i use it because feels more like a real pencil, but the effect is mostly visual. Also, you are not the first who says that about this girl Mikasa, i suspect that both the author of attack on titan and me like to use Mixed martial arts figthers as reference haha.

Egbu: thanks man! no, its supposed to be the left arm, but yeah it looks confusing, even in the original picture:

BenFlores: Thanks Ben! :) Its cool that you are watching anime again, there are quite a few good series airing rigth now. And yeah, Bruce Lee is the master. 90% of those torsos are from imagination, i will return to the basics this week, so i will probably add Loomis to the routine. :D

Not much today, since i want to go to bed early to recover some sleep, just another crap sketch from a screencap and more daily drawing practice.


Gorgeous hand studies. I'd say that it may do you good to study faces/heads more so as they aren't up to part with the rest of your figures in many cases. That's just my two cents, otherwise I see a good deal of improvement.
Hi Eduardo! Your Dnaria sketch really nailed it! Would be awesome to see you working on it more. You really captured the ability to draw poses well. If you want, you can take a look at this artist - not sure if you know of him, he does 3D, but his style is really manga inspired as well.

I vaguely remember you had a sketchbook in CGHub. Do you still update there?

Anyways, great anatomy, great hands, great studies dude. Just looking forward to more of the good stuff from you!

really nice sketchbook eddy ! The last illustration( green mood ) is pro level ! Btw do you know any anime close to ergo proxy ? Loved it but can't find something similar .. Keep it up dude !
Einver: thanks! yeah some of you have already noted that, so i started working on heads and faces today, thats difficult stuff...

LongJh: hahaha omae wa... ¡thanks! :) i'm actually surprised you like that tiny sketch! and yeah i used to post my stuff on CGHUB too, but now i only have this sketchbook, since updating various sketchbooks was very time consuming. Also, that 3d stuff looks real good indeed!
Thanks a again man!

kikindaface: thanks mate! glad you like that one! i often feel like the stuff i like to do the most is also the stuff people doesnt really like at all haha, but that only means that i need to get much better!! Also, im sorry but i havent seen Ergo Proxy yet. xD CyberPunk is not my thing, i´m more a space opera guy. But i've been told that Psyco Pass is pretty close to Ergo Proxy, i dont know!

Practicing heads and faces today, using Loomis method of construction, but not really feeling comfortable with it, i will try something new tomorrow.


And some derp sketches from imagination, still looking very manga, heh

Trying to apply today all this recent practice in a drawing with no refs for the characters, so i will have to take references and correct all the mistakes if i ever want to make this xenogears fanart into a complete illustration.
This next two weeks i will be very busy with freelance again, but i will definitely try to keep this daily practice routine!
Solid heads, brosef. :)
MrFrenik: thanks matey! :D

Too much stuff in my head today, so i spent the evening drawing from bridgman/hampton/imagination to relieve some stress.
But it was hard to stay focused and the practice ended up looking worse than usual.

Hampton process to draw heads is awesome btw! i like it way more than loomis.


Also, here this (crappy) self portrait i did for international self portrait day, in case you havent checked the selfies thread already (what are you waiting for?)

[Image: attachment.php?aid=36438]

More tomorrow!
mmmmmmm all those hands are tasty! Keep up the good work man :D
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