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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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Lovely portrait.. those eyes ... actually makes me shiver because it si so beautiful and sad at the same time.

Those soft edged studies are nice, but almost a bit too soft sometimes I think, makes it hard to find something to focus on. Now find the middle way and then it's perfect :p
Thanks for the comment dude! Love the way you're handling those soft edges, there's something really subtle and sophisticated going on.
I think you should be a bit more careful with your value structure though, it's bugging me in your last portrait how the planes on the top of the girl's nose that ought to be in light are just as dark as the bottom planes. It does make the highlight on the nose pop out nicely, but that's not as important as having the forms lit right. I'd probably try getting some light on the lower eyelids too.
Keep rocking dude!!!
Hey man, I like your sketchbook:) I love the way you construct faces and I like your stylization a lot:) And, I like how you go soft without going muddy, that's something of a witchcraft to me:D

You should go through Rin's route, it's the best written one:) I mean, as far as tastes go, people either love it or hate it, but as a piece of literature, it's probably better than all other routes.
And, Eduardo you might find it interesting that it's a very good take on a thought process of a person with probably some form of autism and, as far as I know, the writer isn't exactly an expert in that field, so there you go:)
Such a poignant portrait of the artist girl with no arms! She must have a lot of toughness under that sad exterior. I also like how you brought the atmosphere of the Wu studies into your painting.
Heeeey Eduardo. Awesome stuff lately. I saw all your work but somehow I couldn't find enough time to comment. I love the mood and atmosphere your going for. Those studies surely shine through in your personal work. However don't fall into soft brush city. Zhaoming Wu created armosphere and all this hazy look by loosing and blending edges in areas he didn't want you to look and he did it in very tastefull matter. Notice that in ara of focus he had very defined edges. Try to find really high quality Zhaoming Wu reproduction and observe individual brush strokes to figure out how he did it. Personally I think you should delete your soft brush from your set for a while. I can see that you're getting the same problem I've struggled a while ago. Studies after Sargent, Jaime Jones and Alla Prima lecture should do the trick ;) Keep pushing ;3 Cheers!
Mannyhaatz: hey thanks mate! yeah you are right, lets take them down! :)

DoubleThink: whoa thanks! yeah go for it, but dont be like me, dont fall the in the softness trap! haha

Triggerpigking: thanks buddy! i'm glad you see improvement, as for KS like i told you in that message, go read Rin's story now! its so good...

Lyraina: thanks! :) yeah, thats really what i wanted to express with that portrait, that character story is quite sad yet beautiful. And thanks for the advice, i'm going too soft lately indeed, will start working on that asap.

Samszym: no prob man, my pleasure! and thanks! indeed, value structure, and structure in general is really something i need to keep improving.

Doolio: thanks matey! painting with the softbrush feels more like sculpting, if that makes any sense. Its like, you block the general shape and start refining and defining. I still have to work on hard edges though, and texture, and so on... xD

Tygerson: thank you! :D yeah, she is a person desperately trying to communicate with others, even if she cant demonstrate it, and i kinda wanted to reflect that pain.

ramalooke: dude thanks a ton! i will indeed start doing studies of Jaime Jones and trying new stuff, for starters, i will do as you say and stop using the softbrush, just to see what happens.
I will also check the other resources you mentioned, thanks again mate! :)

This update is bigger than usual, i just resurrected that old project i did originally for the summer pitch, yeah i hope the keep it alive this time!

First a couple of sketches



And new concepts for the resurrected project Aegis.




I'm also experimenting with anime cell shading again, this is waaay harder that it looks actually.


Bonus: Xenogears babe!

Ah, now I must ask you a question!

Regarding the cel shaded stuff, what do you do to get that authentic celluloid kinda slight offset blur thingie effect, I've always wondered about that?

And I like the expression on that red sketch:)
Waaah nice Ryuko sketch, those are some really interesting colors!
I think it might be worth doing some studies in line of thicker clothing, seems like in your cel-shaded pics there are some lines around the shoulders especially that don't seem to be doing a good job of describing form or folds. Every line should have a purpose!

Really nice stuff dude, keep rocking it :D
wow, that stuff looks awesome. all that anatomy practice really payed off and it shows. by the way can you downsize your images a bit ? its hard to see the subject when its stretched out all the way
Heeey eduardo, awesome stuff as always. I love your anime stuff. Especially this slight hazy feel you achieved. I would love a small tutorial if you get some time in the future =D. Keep on rockin' <3
Hey man, stuff is looking really good, I'm loving these studies of yours and the character portraits. Keep up the studying on those faces. You're already in a good enough place so it won't take too much to fix what little problems there are.

Can't wait to see more stuff. :D
Oooh cool update. I like those robots. And the pilot design (if that is who she is). The screenshot-look makes me want to do some cell shading and try out if I can do that too! D:

Anyway, interesting project/summer pitch!
Awesomeee, cool project man. If you made some gifs of your cell shaded images it would blow some minds.
Hey there daggers! long time without seeing you!
Truth is, i somehow managed to hurt my back this last week and couldnt do much, but feels like i'm getting better. I hope so atleast, because there is work to be done. xD

Thanks a lot for your comments and support guys, i've been feeling kind of down lately but coming here always cheer me up. :)

I will definitely resume my activity here to normal.

Starting with some sketches and character designs, unfortunaly i dont have a decent camera so i cant take good photos of all the non digital stuff i'm doing. I tried with my phone but the pictures looked like crap, and it was mostly anatomy and anime studies so...

Here are some characters:


And something new, i still dont know what this is, but i just wanted to sketch this characters.



Some illustrations are coming too, but i really want to resume my daily drawing practice once my back gets better.
hey eddy!
great work on the mechas. and these characters in the last post are gorgeous
sorry to hear about your back, it some ways its one of the most difficult things you can injure since so much connects to it. ive had lower back problems all my life (and a minor injury) so i can some what relate. good to know youre getting better : )
Yay, you're back:)

I find these
[Image: OtcE3tx.png]
[Image: 9nYQu6X.png]

to be super mega awesome! I don't know, they simply... convey?
I'm sorry to hear you hurt your back and that you were feeling down. I hope you're feeling better very soon!!

Well, I always LOVE looking at sketchbooks of people who like Anime as well <3 I'm really digging all the designs from your last post, the pilot suit and the uniforms really look good.
I also like the character design for the girl a lot, she's really cute! In the last sketch you posted I particularly like the expressions (I have a thing for sad smiles...) and also her hair/head stand out to me as really well done, it has just the right shapes and curves! Keep it up, I'd definitely like to see more of your things, I really like following people trough the development of their projects (:
Love the characters from your personal project dude! I really can't wait to hear more about it. Try to make sure every line has a purpose, there are still a handful of stray marks in those drawings that don't tell the viewer anything
Those Zhaoming Wu studies on previous page are really nice, man.
aks9: thanks mate! fortunately i'm getting better, i'm glad it wasnt too serious.

Doolio: i take good note man, you know developing a consistent style for characters is difficult, even more in this kind of stylizations, but just practicing to achieve it is so fun. :)

Cyprinus: i'm really glad to hear that you like anime too! also, thanks! yeah i'm trying to design the girl to be a kind of cute, moe character looking haha. Lines, curves, forms i'm an absolute beginner at all of them, so i'm glad you like those sketches.

Samszym: as always thanks a lot for your comment and critique mate! i'm aware of that, i'm still struggling with being able to draw, let alone make a good drawing! But i always have that in mind, next i will try to do more refined picture, trying to avoid any unnecesary lines.

Artur J: thanks Artur! :)

Still feeling the pain in my back, just when i regain all of my lost energy and motivation i injure my back, life is funny like that sometimes. xD
Moral of the story, keep working hard everyday, you never know what will happen tomorrow.

So here is a couple of sketches, i'm trying to draw from imagination as much as possible.


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