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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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whoa badass, The center characters outfit is really cool. Can't wait to see that painting finished.
awasome work dude! :D
Hey daggers! its been a long time since my last post.
Sorry for not replying to all of you earlier and for my lack of activity lately.

You could say that i´m trying to make some changes in my life, changes for the better of course. Trying to get rid of some old bad habits and some old bad companies.
Fighting your demons is always tough, i will admit, but i´m determined to get rid of those things and focuse 100% on what really matters.
Also, seeing you constantly posting and progressing warms my heart, keep being awesome guys! :)

But you are not here to read about my life, so lets get to the point.
Here is another WIP, i think i´m almost finished with the main character it just need some details and corrections and thats it. So i´m going now for the secondary characters.


Samszym: thanks a lot for the critique! you are totally right, that would really help the composition. I´m going to do that as soon as i start with that character. Also, for the cropping, i dunno really haha. I changed that cropping now though.

Ignatz: thanks! yeah i though so, the triangle kinda reinforces the main character.

Warburton: as always, thanks a lot mate! after i read that quote you posted i realized how stupid my comment was, as you can see i dont say the most intelligent or mature things when i´m angry. Also, you are damn right with that! i tried changing a bit their positions and size, but i´m really sure if i solved the problem. Well, the good thing about Photoshop is that you can keep everything in layers and move or transform stuff without problems.

Sublimus: thanks! :)

matt_radway: thanks Matt! thats exactly what i want to do.

ramalooke: nice to see you again mate! and thanks!

MrFrenik: thanks mate!

Lulolana: thanks for the kind words, i´m glad you like them. :)

Jonesoda: aw yeah, thanks man!

johny: thank you!

PD: i realized that its been already a year since i joined the daggers. I received so much from this community thats why i´m asking this. This is kinda embarrasing, but if you think you can learn something from me, just tell me, and i will offer you an honest crit or any advice i can give you. And if enough people is interested we can start something.
It's looking good so far. And don't get too down. We're here for ya, so keep kicking ass!
Thanks man! i appreciate it. :)

Today i´m feeling better but still, i wanted to do a study to rest a bit from my main piece.

Started as a quick study, but i really liked the original photo so i pushed it a bit more.
But it isnt a literal copy of the reference, i had to change some things (the original photo had some distortion and i also wanted to try some things from imagination)

She is from the anime Guilty Crown. You havent watched it? then what are you doing here, go watch that fucking masterpiece. :)

mmmmm grain
The tones, hair and tapestry on this are fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration.
I wish you luck with your day to day struggles ;) And great stuff so far mate. Love how you newest piece is looking so far and study looks good as well. Good job sir!
That piece is looking better and better man, good job.
also great job on that study as well that clothing looks beautiful
Nice study man, thats a hard pose to draw
Gaaahh, I want to see your main piece...oh the hype!
Mr. Toodles: its cinematic man! xD

DeLeonxxx: wow thanks a lot! i hope you are drawing like crazy right now! :)

ramalooke: thanks mate!! i´m feeling better as each day passes, so hopefully i think i will be back in shape very soon. :D

Triggerpigking: thank you! that clothing was the very reason i wanted to do that study, a lot of people dislike that sideboob outfit from Guilty crown, but i personally found it quite beautiful (and no, not for the cleavage xD)

TonariNoPunpun: haha thanks Tonari! :) i will start working on it again tomorrow.

Lazy Sunday today, i finished a commission yesterday at 3:00 AM so today i wasnt really in the mood to paint. Instead, i returned to my weakest point, drawing!

Here some sketches that i forgot to post along with new character designs for my personal project.


These are the main characters of the story. In this pic they are still young and innocent, what happens next is hellish and will have a huge impact in their lives.
This is going to be really character driven story.

character driven story? Those are some of my favorite words ever to be put together, I'm excited to find out more :D
Really liking the body language there, her shy pose makes him seem more confident by comparison, it's so much more interesting than if they were just in the same pose. I wanna see you push the gesture even more though!
That main piece is looking really good. These last sketches are cool too; as Samszym says the body language of the girl and boy really emphasizes something of their character.
wooa i totally misssed this sketchbook. greeat stuff. great skills !
I really like you wip process. I m learning a lot. :) thx !
Wow! you sure took a liking to armored chicks! That white-haired one looks tremendous, plus, the step-by-step is very helpful.
Wow, that big piece up there is looking great, and you've got some clean polish put into the woman. For some reason my favorite character in that piece is the older guy to her right, haha. His construction is spot on and his shape(s) are all really strong, I can't wait to see them all finished. One thing you might want to consider fixing is the guy's head to the left of her, or more so the placement of his eyes, there a bit too close to each other based on the positioning of the head.

Really cool stuff, man! :D
A bunch of progress here, man, don't stop, the figure is coming along really good :)
This is great man, I totally loved the progress of that piece with the five characters, I really like the attention to the details, overall your characters and sketches are pretty good man.

I hope things are good over there and keep working hard man :)
Hey daggers! feeling tired, but refreshed too! this last illustration burned me a bit, i will admit.
Thats why i wanted to work on something different this days.
I've been drawing a lot with pencils, but scanning all the stuff, resizing it, uploading it, its a pain in the ass. So for now i will upload only the digital stuff.
The pencil stuff is mostly boring gesture drawing so you arent missing anything haha.

Here are two sketches from imagination i did for that personal project of mine.
Featuring the two character in my last post.

First picture is a photo taken at the beginning, the second is something that happens after some traumatic event. What do you think about the style in the second picture? i´m trying to mix manga style with that cool sketchy style Ashley wood achieved in the Metal gear graphic novel and portable games.



Samszym: thanks mate! yeah, i´m doing lots of gestures now, trying to think more about what i feel rather than what i see, if that makes any sense haha. For this story, yeah. Everything is going to be about the characters, their development, the themes they will explore.
About the plot and the setting, well my main inspirations for this story are Xenogears, Eureka Seven and Metal gear, so maybe i will be able to do something interesting. xD

Ignatz: thanks! body language is a powerful tool, i definitely want to get better at it. :)

florentK: welcome mate! and thanks a lot! i´m really happy to hear that you found this WIPS useful.

Rognoll: Eddy, whats best in life? heavily armored girls! look at their shiny armors, and hear the lamentations of those Korean skimpy armor designers! lol haha (sorry, its been too long since my last Conan the barbarian joke) like i said to florent, i´m really glad that you found them useful. Thanks for stopping by mate!

Archreux: haha you are not first one who like the old guy the most haha. Its modeled after Sean Connery. For the guy on the left, yeah! there is some things that need adjustments i'm already working on it. And thanks! :D

iCi: i cant stop now that i´m almost finish! haha, thank you sir! :)

wla91: thanks a lot! yes, i went through some bad stuff this last weeks, but now i´m feeling much better, its like feeling refreshed and alive again. And yeah, not gonna stop, lets keep punching hard!

Also, since i´m almost finished with this illustration ( I will post an update soon) i started thinking about my next fanart...

I have these options right now:

-Xam'd of the lost memories < this show is fucking crazy good.

-Guilty Crown

-Darker than black

Only animes haha but i love the challenge of translating anime characters into something realist.
Eddy your on post 666

I like the idea for the style your going for, I feel like you should get more swirls and variations of scratches on your contours, I would say you should really push it. (Be loose and don't think about your lines it's always worked for me XD)
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