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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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So like i said on the last post, i worked a bit more on my fav redheaded gal (still not finished, does this ever ends?) and put her on the side to start working on a new undertale fanart.

[Image: yjdh96k.jpg]

And here it is, the player character from Undertale.
The author said it doesnt have a definite gender, that was left intentionally vague. But when i started playing i though the human was a girl because of the hair style, and i already had a female base mesh done, so... in this interpretation its a girl i guess. 

The body and head was done in zbrush as usual, but for the clothing im trying something new. 
Im using the cloth physic simulator in Blender and so far i love it! its not marvelous designer, ok, but i still think it has lots of potential. Now i need to take the clothing meshes from blender into zbrush to clean and modify them as needed. Everything will be textured later in Substance painter. 

[Image: 75qNrLn.jpg]
A little update on the Undertale Fanart, still lots to do, experiment, learn, blah blah. 
But seeing this characters slowly coming to life, it fills you with determination... 

I first want to take this model to same level of detail i achieved in the last one, then go forward and push it further!

[Image: FbhOn1Y.jpg]
You're not bad at these dude, only thing you need to work on is hands really, and everything else looks about right :)
Fedodika: thanks matey! ;D i know i have to go back to the body, and anatomy in general, but the hair is driving me crazy recently, i just cant stop until i can get it right haha. I think i maybe be a bit closer now to that goal. 

So yeah guys, i think its being a year already since i started doing stuff in 3d, you know what they say, that you never feel that you are learning fast enough. But comparing this last renders to the stuff i was doing just a few months ago...
It feels you with determination. 

Okay, no more undertale jokes, i promise. 

[Image: Jc9G2J2.jpg]
Finished with this fanart, i guess. 
You dont know how much fun i had with project haha. I also learned quite a few things! 
For example, i think i have now a really neat way to render hair in marmoset, and im also getting into facial expressions. 
Its hard to apreciate in the picture but i added teeh and a tongue to the interior of the mouth. 

Also i sent the last picture to Toby Fox on twitter haha would be cool if he likes it. xD

[Image: FptAkOE.jpg]
[Image: 57BuCu6.jpg]
[Image: 7WkXu1y.jpg]
You have seen her in a cute scholar swimsuit, in a military outfit, and now kinda covered in blood. ;D 

I think im ready at last to say goodbye to this model, i learned way too much working on it, but its time to start working on the next! this time having animation in mind. 

[Image: 9sSOR8K.jpg]
[Image: e34jJgv.jpg]
Woah :D
This is incredible. Gosh, dude you're killing it!

btw, How is the game coming along?
"learned way to much working on it" how can you learn too much haha.
Looking forward to your next model for the project dude, considering how fast you got Chara and Frisk done I think you could put together the next model pretty quickly.
Prabu: hey thanks a lot! :D yeah its going very well, i think im getting closer and closer to the level of quality i want to start the game. And at the same time, still trying to decide the setting of the game itself. 
Its a tactical rpg, thats set on stone, now which kind of tactical rpg? i will have to decide once and for all very soon im afraid. 

Triggerpigking: Haha i know mate, im super silly sometimes. xD I already started working on the next character, remember the girl from rainfall? I decided to merge both projects into one, so now rainfall and amarok are basically the same thing. 

So yeah, these days im practicing more hair, more faces and just starting to learn how to make facial expressions on blender. Needless to say, its super difficult. I tried making a pop idol type of smile and instead i got something nightmarish. More practice i need!

[Image: 7VfzNDc.jpg]

[Image: lKf4IC9.jpg]
Hey its been a month already? why i havent updated this for so long? because im very busy failing (and learning!) So after making that head in the last post i decided it was time to tackle hard surface modeling (and modeling in general, most of my 3d stuff up until now has been mostly sculpting)

So i started doing mechs again in blender, took me a few tries but managed to make something ready for the game, here is the process.

After a few creative abortions i made this redesign of a Garde from Knights of Sidonia, i also learned a lot more about rigging with this one, so at least it wasnt a complete waste of time. +Chocobots inspired shot :D

[Image: AMPYXe5.jpg]

And a medieval knight girl for a game idea i had, but abandoned it shortly after making this. 

[Image: BblsKgc.jpg]

And finally after various tries with varying degrees of sucess i got this mech done. Im calling it Barghest.
Heavily inspired by Xenoblade X and Valvrave. 

Different systems of the machine are differentiated by color, with red being articulations, green is the armor, etc.
Like always i try to make everything as modular as possible so i can create new assets and characters from already existent ones. 

 [Image: Buma01v.jpg]

Here is a shot with only basic ambient occlusion. 

[Image: 4b6MBHD.jpg]

And the final result (it will look pretty much like this in UE, this one was rendered in marmoset)

[Image: JbON60x.jpg]

Stay tuned this coming month, there is a big update about the game coming. :D  Very few assets are left to make that gameplay demo a reality.
That mech looks great man. Also congrats on becoming a mod...atleast I think thats new, maybe i'm just unobservant XD.
Triggerpigking: thanks dude! :D yeah i volunteered the other day haha at least now if i catch some spam/bot i can help having the forum clean. 

So this update is more the game itself rather than new art, but there is a new character model i did today real quick to start testing some gameplay/animations. 

First a couple GIFs showing the thing in movement, this scene is really sunny, unlike the actual game which is going to be all rain and despair. :) 

The lightning and post-process effects still need a lot of work, but its too soon to get into that, i want first to have most graphical assets ready. I also wanted to see the difference in size between the mech and humanoid characters, and its too much so mech battles are probably going to be separated from battles on foot. 

[Image: 43545b955262a8ff34c3057ecc41be76.gif]
[Image: df050a6e7da9dd9c2d420d1fac4a912d.gif]

Background assets and the green dude are placeholders and property of epic games, but can be used freely on any game done in UE. 

And some screenies, more to come this month! 

[Image: sSkPgvY.jpg]
I freaking love looking at your IP. I love the animations... and the characters... and just everything <_> im jealous but full of inspiration and thats the only thing i had to say haha. thank you and keep on rocking :D
Those enemy models look pretty interesting, are they based on anything in paticular?.
3d ✔:)
Holy shiiiiit Eddy, your game has really come together in this last update! Looking insanely cool seeing some of the char and mob movement O_O !!

Btw, have a Happy Bloody Birthday man, have a great day and live the day like a King ;)

my bady iz rdy
So cool! I just got a a little into 3D recently and seeing your stuff is just really awesome.
Keep it up! :DD
AngeliquevdMee: i know im like two months late, sorry about that! :S but im glad you find this silly stuff inspiring :D Thank you!

Triggerpigking: thanks mate! they are based on some enemies from xenogears, loosely haha. 

Mr. Toodles: ;D thanks bud!

smrr: almost a month later but thanks a lot! :D

Fedodika: aww yeah!

BjorkJT: thanks! and awesome that you are getting into 3d, even if you are mainly interested in 2d, you wont regret learning it. :)

So a month later, i have lots of stuff to show, first the Crimson crucible stuff i did, instead of reposting it, you can find everything in the original thread, i redesigned Brienne of Tarth as a sort of Sniper working for the Tully house. 
(In a sort of GOT-Metal gear crossover)

After that i went back to Amarok, and started learning Marvelous designer. 
So here is the result. 

The basic clothing in Marvelous designer, seriously its a lot of fun. 


The clothing and base mesh for the character in zbrush (after importing the clothing from marvelous designer)


Textured in Substance painter and Photoshop (dont mind the guys face and hair, that will be redone eventually)


The character Ballistic mask close up. 


And nearly finished, posed character. Still need to do the weapons, adjust the rig and prepare everything for UE4
I will show him in movement soon! the 3d marmoset viewer is coming too. 

impressive butt crack eddy o.o
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