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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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still working on the design of the creature.
Here is a couple of close ups.

Critiques, suggestions about this are welcome :P


Looking good Ed, I like the effort you're putting into it. Maybe turn the right head so it's spinning to look at the redhead? Keep going man!
Red head chick is always welcomed on every picture ;3 Sadly, i have no critz for you. you made some changes and i would need to see whole image to give you some feedback. cheers; 3
Atrenr: it is getting tough, but i´m learning tons too! thanks man. :)
Ramalooke: haha yes, there must be a redhead, always. :) i will post a complete shoot soon. And thanks mate!

The bad news are, due to some (again) really unexpected freelance work with a scary deathline, i might not be able to update this until march. But still will try to stay in touch!


Looking good Eduardo. The girl in the air with the katana has some issues with her arm. It has an unnatural twist. I don't have time right now to show what I mean but I'm sure you know what I mean. The forearm looks like it's been snapped and twisted round. Her hand position makes sense but the section in between doesn't feel right.
Looking good otherwise. I especially like the portrait of the guy with the scar.
Promising illustration Eduardo, i really like the poses. You might want to be a bit careful though, it's looking to me like the redhead might be in between the boss and the blonde and leaping towards the blonde. But I look forward to when its done :D.
hey man,

i really like the idea of the guys fighting the demon. that's way i took the freedom to make a little overpaint of the girl.

i felt like it was not quite in place perspective-wise so i drew in some guidelines. i also made it a bit more angular to give her a more grown-up look and changed her teeth. also i made it a bit smaller and changed her eyes, because i think they are more seen from below. and lastly i gave her hair some movement so it looks as if she would be falling or jumping at faster pace.

hope it helps, keep working this baby!

Thank you so much for the awesome feedback guys, i really appreciate it. :D

I wish i had time to update this! For now, i will post another wip, and hopefully i will be able to work on this a bit every day. This month i´m going to be real busy, since i landed my very first pro work (yeah!) and the deathline is really tigh. So, unless i´m fired, there will be no major updates this month. Wish me luck!

Thanks again for the critiques and the awesome paintover Flo, the red girl really needs to be changed.
Heey, love your piece so far. If you don't mind I'll point one thing. Dunno if this is intended but fact that any of the characters don't look at the monster kinda ruins composition for me. Side of that looks very promising ;3 Keep it up! xd
thanks mate! yeah i was thinking about that too, i will definitely change a few more things asap!
hey eduardo,

good luck on your job, godspeed.



Waddup Eduardo. Some good stuff in here. I like this last piece, a few things could use some work, but looks like you have some ways to go. I will say that the red heads left foot seems a bit broken or something. Also, going along with the unfinished aspect, but it's hard for me to tell the space between both femmes and the beast. And are they intended to be looking at each other(attacking, each other even?) Anyways, look forward to seeing it progress.
FLo: thanks man! :)

I STRaY I: yes, i will return to this piece as soon as i can, thanks for the advice i will need to change the way the two girls are interacting.

And here is a shitty sketch i did to relax a bit today.
Good job man! Your latest scene looks promising! :D Though except the little lack of "movement" in the female's pose, I'd say be careful with your character "levels". The center villain is at the exact same level as that female jumping on him. You might wanna change that, I'm sure it would help the image to read better. Keep it up! :)
Last scene looks really cool, try overlapping more, the monster and the samurai sword chick are a bit disconnected from each other - the redhead can be a bit to the left to hit the sweet spot.
hey eduardo.

the more i look at the creature the more it kinda doesn't work that well for me. maybe you could enhance the picture by taking a step back. try to really think of a story (if you haven't already done that) for that to happen. maybe some evil wizard created a creature out of dead bodies and send it to fight a noble army. maybe demon was awaken and it collects bodyparts to enhance its own body and is just panzering through the lands, killing everybody. or it is something less obvious and cliché^^ then you could write some words down about the demon and the story and of what it is composed like:
- a dead dude
- a dead girl
- some crab-legs
- eyes
- tentacles
- pointy teeth

and then think about what you don't like, what makes you uncomfortable. for example i don't like drooling spitting old people. it is not like i hate them but they make me uncomfortable. that's why some of my monsters are drooling. try to figure out what unpleasant things you can add to your concept. then there are many really good pictures by old masters that make me uncomfortable. for instance this:
or this: http://departuredelayed.files.wordpress....saturn.jpg
try to figure out, what makes this working so great. for example in the first one: for me it is really uncomfortable that the woman's face is cut of by such a clean line. the face seems really smashed into the floor. that automatically makes it painful even to look at. or the crazy eyes and the somehow sad eyebrows of goyas painting make the devouring so much more intense to me. he doesn't seem to do it for enjoyment, he seams like he has no choice but eat his son. do some studies of those things. i also think that it helps to look at nasty pictures of wounds and decaying bodies to really nail the look of it. i know it is not comfortable to look at those, but they can help and i think growing as an artist is not always an easy road.
last but not least, your composition could be better. the monster in the middle is kinda parting the picture in 2, which gives it a really balanced look. try to make it more asymmetrical, maybe even tilt the horizont and start with simple shapes.

sorry for the big post, but the picture has potential and i wanted to tell you everything i think about it. hope it helps :)

edit: i am sure you have cool ref for this picture, but i attached some of the things i would add and mix. for example the pavian's mouth is really weird and cool i think. put into a human's face it would look even weirder.
thank you so much Flo, thats gold advice. :)
To tell you the truth, i was thinking to completely redo the picture, now that i have a much better idea of what i want to do. And because there is a story behind this picture and i dont think i´m telling it right.
I will post something as soon as i have some free time!
Hi, i´m posting just a sketch, or idea for a scene i was thinking.
I wanted to do a quiet, emotive, yet epic scene for some time.
I couldnt ressist to work on it a bit more. :P
alright, no more fun today. xD back to work.
I´m sorry for spamming the thread with wips. xP
Dont know if other people will like or appreciate this piece, but i´m enjoying it so much.
Maybe i´m a softie after all. :)

Edit: worked just a bit more on her face.
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