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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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Really cool, I like both the expressions. But what is in the sky?
Eleze: thanks! glad you like it. :) Are you refering to those red things in the air? those will be flower petals.


Yeah bro, clearly a softie! Nice work, I like WIPS, they can also be a good time for crits, so I say post em if you got em.
thanks man! with a bit of luck i will have time to breathe again this weekend, so expect some updates! :D
I'd like be hugged same way she is
ramalooke: must feel comfortable right? :D

Alright, i will post another WIP of this scene.


I couldnt work much on it these days, but i will try to finish it tomorrow.
As always, your thoughts and critiques are very welcome.
Tired of wips? me too, so here is a berserk sketch.
Am i the only one who needs to paint angry people when having a bad day?

Also, listening to the metal gear rising OST, its awesome.

I would call it finished for now.

This is part of the same fantasy universe i´m developing since 2009 or so.
Being able to graphically represent this universe was one of the reasons why i started with digital art in the first place, so every piece based on this universe has kinda a special meaning for me.


This painting made me realize two things:

-I need to study more, lots more.

-I really need one of those battery things that keep your computer running if your house electricity suddenly disappears.
hey this last one looks nice, composition works pretty good, you caught the feeling you wanted to show and i like the colors. I would just say the hand of the guy looks kind of weird but i think u would already realize of this. Anatomy is hard! i need to study alot too -.-
I also like the reds on the berserk guy keep at it!
Thanks man! yeah, this illustration made me realize how much i need to study right now.
But studying would be boring, thats why i love to turn my studies into fanart! :D

Here is Sam from Metal gear rising. Fuck raiden, i wish this guy was a playable character.


Only basic coloring at the moment, but maybe i will fully render it.

In other news, i forgot to tell you guys, this past month i was working for Alderac entertainment games (i think it is the company of the legend of the five rings)
I did 5 cards for them, now i´m waiting to get paid, i dont think they will scam me, but hell, i will be nervous until i see the money in my paypal account.
Can't wait to see your cards! that's so great man i'm glad you were busy. How did you find that company
Thanks man! i found them thanks to this page:
Heeeeeey, gratz on your card job. Can't wait to see some awesomeness you've created ;3 Plus new stuff looks good, especially character dude ;3
Thank God, i´m not the only one who would have enjoyed Samuel more =P
Loved that game, played through it in one sitting^^
I love the song "The only thing i know for real."

Keep on =) Want to see Sam more refined =D
Ramalooke: thanks a lot man! but no awesomeness, deathline was tigh and i´m not that good working under pressure haha.

Korky: yes, you are not alone. Truth is, raiden sucked in MGS2 and stills sucks in Rising. :)
Also yeah, Sam's theme is the best one, and Monsoon one the second, imo.

Sadly, i erased the psd file of Sam, so i did today a new design.
This is the first desing from another proyect i have, think about fantasy, but not in a medieval setting, instead it is placed in a world like ours in the early XX century, at the brink of world war.


I took inspiration from the awesome military uniforms from that period.

What do you think about this design?
Sexy mistral is sexy. :)

new character design.

Which one do you prefer? or which one you dislike the least?

share your thoughts please. :)

Hey man :)

I'm diggin the fallout survivor vibe :) I'll go with 1 cuz she seems more geared up and likelier to survive.

Looks more and more like the NPC who gets eaten as you go on down to 3.

Scar looks a little too deep.

Feeks like the adult version of Ellie from Last of Us :)


Cool sketchbook too :) Keep posting!
thanks anzhou! :)

I tell you, i spent more than 100 hours on fallout, but i cant rembember that npc, haha.

My personal favourites are 1 and 3, but i will probably go with 1.

Also, i see the resemblance. I used Ellen page as reference so...
a mix of 1 and 3

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