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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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you have a unique painting style, cool character designs in it :)
hope to see more of u

tnx for the feedback, I'll work on it
Thanks Jhonny, i will be uploading much more stuff in the coming weeks, no doubt about that. :)

Oh well, here is the final concept, i went with #1 in the end.


New movie study, man i really suck at this :P

So from now on, i´m back on the daily study routine, may main goal is to improve my observational skills, so i will probably be doing some traditional stuff aswell.


Your funny bro, great study this last one.
Thanks a lot man, i appreciate it.

A month ago or so, i said i was going to take a break from my graphic novel stuff.
Now i just realized how dumb that phrase was. (I how dumb i am :D)

Because doing a graphic novel is definitely the ultimate practice! you need to learn and practice everything, from drawing and painting to design and narrative.
Not to mention that every page if not every panel will take you off of your comfort zone.
Potentially, every page and every panel could be a new challenge.

But enough talking, here is a wip of the what i´m doing at the moment.

PD: also, i know my writing sucks, current text is... provisional.
page looks promissing ;3 can't wait to see this comic published somewhere in the webz <3
Awh cool! I wanna know what happens next man.

Also, that last face study was sweet man!

Good luck with your challenges and I'm glad you're having fun with the panels :)
Seeng people do graphic novel pages always impresses me, probably because i can't wrap my head around how tough it would be to construct one :S

Looking good mate, i can't wait to see more!
sorry for the lack of updates these days, been busy with some work and other stuff.

And i was working on this graphic novel project too! Making character expressions without direct reference is really difficult, wich is also a good thing.

Ramalooke: thanks! yeah, i think i will need to do some research when the time comes.

Anzhou: thank you! it was a lot of fun :) but the best part is that i learned lots of things that i will try to put into practice with next pages.

Warburton: i´m feeling exactly like you haha, even now i dont know what the hell i´m doing. xD
It is like an enormous puzzle, you need to construct the story, design everything, figure how are you going to translate the story into comic panels, etc...
It is so much work, but (i hope) i will learn tons of things in the process.

And now, i please take a look at the first page (the project is unnamed atm)

With this first page i tried a more comic/anime approach, but i dont think it is really my thing.
For the next ones i will try a more cinematographic look.



Yeah man it's gotta be a challenge to pull the novel off. But I think it'd be impossible to not learn something. Not only are you racking up XP, you are thinking tons, and applying tons. You would learn a lot about yourself I would think. If and when you finish you would also be so bad ass. All that writing, directing, drawing and painting and thinking. Ugh, thats a serious effort man, and you're taking it on well. The expression and feel in the last 3 panels are real good. Panel 1 could use some work, I want to say anatomy. But might be the way the hair reads, or something. But awesome stuff man.
i couldnt have expressed it better man, and thank you so much!
Yeah, i agree that panel 1 needs more work, and i think its about the hair, like you said.

But for now, here is a few sketches from today.
I couldnt sleep this past night, but i was to tired to keep working so i played the new Mass effect 3 dlc "The citadel"

It was cool, but really odd. Like, you know, one of those silly filler episodes of dragon ball with goku and piccolo trying to get a driver car license.
Something like that.

Muy bueno ! i can't wait to see more!
thanks Silverkeep! :)

Here is my idea for the bloodsports, a macedonian warrior and fire wizard who can transform into a jaguar like creature.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=18643]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=18644]
Today warm up, done in Photoshop CS2, now i rembember why i dont work with cs2 anymore.

I´m trying to figure out a way to render things quick and efficiently for my graphic novel stuff.

This was partially referenced from the japanese cosplayer Omi Gibson, she is so awesome.

you're on a good path Eduardo. For colors i suggest some studies of really aggressive portrait photos, some where you have a massive range of hues. Like insane cold / warm contrasts for example. They will help with varying your colors, now you're still more or less in the same ranges.
break freeeee e e e e
Sickbrush: thanks for the advice man! i will start with that practice as soon as the bloodsports is over. :D

And here is the warm up for today, i messed up things.

I just love your portrait sketches, you have that special kind of expression that keeps your characters special in a way that I could recognise them among others. About this last study- you did a great job with hair and skin tones, i just think that eyes a bit too high.
But apart from that, you have great progress and keep up with good work^^ Have lots of fun :D
Thanks Kristina! i really appreciate your comment. :) Yeah, there is still tons of mistakes in this sketches but i (hopefully) will get rid of them some day.

And, i just posted this in the bloodsports thread but i though it would be okay to post this here too:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=19069]
And now, the final for the advanced form, now go to bed.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=19266]
Man Eduardo your stuff is really progressing man. I really like the stuff youve done for this beast master.
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