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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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just a sketch to experiment with brushes.
nonsense! a bit of skyrim, a bit of final fantasy...
morning sketches!

[attachment=8499] [attachment=8500]


Nice way to start a morning. :) Proportions and anatomy are very good, keep it up!
thanks Nazetta!

new concepts for my graphic novel project.


Nice sketchbook you have going here, I like the sargent half referenced study has a truly painterly feel to it. Definitely improving :)
Thanks Jaik! i was very busy these days, but managed to keep working on my graphic novel project.
Here is a sort of experiment for my upcoming graphic novel project.
I made this as a test, i think i could use this graphic style for the majority of the panels.
However, the level of detail will vary to highly polished pictures to sketchy, loose secenes.
Also, consider this the final design for the protagonist, Rose.

Finally, the text on the ballon is just a joke.
Looks cool. Looking forward to see more :)
Really cool last ones Eddy! Lovin those mornin sketches
Thanks Piotr, Dennis! :)
Study/Concept of today, with a lame joke included.
Getting tired of all that serious stuff, wanted to do something more funny this time.
another mornin' sketch

i just did my very first brush, and i´m very pleased with the results.
Also today i saw the ending of Eureka seven AO, and i had to do something related. :)

Reference used, from the OST or something like that.

i like your stuff

and your improving

wanna see more
Nice stuff man. That panel looked great. And I really like your sketches, really cool.

Keep it up :)
thanks guys!
i´m still experimenting with my new brush, i think it has a real ink pen feel.

new sketch



I like Rose already. :) As a character she works really well. I can imagine what kind of personality she might have based on the few pictures you've posted.
LOVE her expression in the first panel. I keep scrolling up just to look at her face. XD The red hair + green eyes combo makes a great contrast.

Anddddddd big bonus points for giving her a realistic wardrobe. Something that is often pushed aside in favor of fan service.
Thanks mate! and for the realistic wardrobe you are completely right! i´m not a fan of those armors and outfits that are only useful against sexual abstinence. :)

Also, i decided to work on more on my previous sketch.
Worked on it a bit more.
I think i´m done with fanart for a while xD