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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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Nice job dude, the face still needs to be improved but it's a massive improvement over the over one, hair especially.
Triggerpigking: thanks dude! yeah faces are still really difficult for me. I think, since i will have to redo most of the face, or even start all over again, i will try making a face that can be fully animated.
With working eyelids, teeth, etc. Its going to be a nice challenge.

This morning i grabbed some coffee and rigged and posed this dude on blender, last time i spam this i swear! xD

[Image: HgNo9Y9.png]
i mean her face is actually quite androgynous after ive been staring at it a while... hmm i mean it look like a face! the proportions are correct and stuff... maybe you could.. hmm idk give her some pretty makeup :). I also think you could like make the jawline a little rounder on the sides, especially near the ear and maybe raise the eyebrows and... maybe make her eyes a little larger

Dude this stuff looks so good tho! i love whatever you're doing for the lighting and that pretty glow it warms my hart <3

Edit: oh its a dude! well nevermind, but it kinda looks like she had boobies in that side shot hehe

Well if its a dude, go all out with the boxiness man, deep eyebrows strong ass jawline, you know REAL MAN lol
I love what you've been doing Eddy! Working on a project really seems to do you good-!! And you can just /tell/ that you're enjoying yourself yknow?! 

Have to agree with Fedo -- that dude looks more like a dudette. I'm thinking its a bone structure thing - you're being a bit too lenient in the more feminine structure as opposed to the male. But if ya ask me, I actually really like the androgynous look. <3

Keep going at it Eddy! I love that you love what you're doing!
Fedodika: hahaha many thanks mate! actually, there were a few people who confused this dude with a girl, wich is great, because in my original concept he was supposed to be kinda feminine (almost like a trap character) and that always made him feel a bit isolated. Also that glow is an effect called bloom, it was like the chromatic aberration/lens flare of 2006 haha. 
So yeah its a pretty dude. xD 

smrr: thanks a lot Smrr! :D indeed, i will admit, this stuff is incredibly frustrating, sometimes it makes me feel like edward norton in the fight club lol, but its sooo rewarding. You know, having an idea, then a concept, then a 3d model, then a game... its pretty awesome.  So yeah, the journey is just starting, lets ride into the sunset. *puts sunglasses on* 

Okay, so im presenting you guys the first in game screenshots. Currently developing a prototype on Unity5 (Unreal Engine was too much for a beginner, honestly.) 
This i need to tackle if i really want to make this project look as it should be (kinda my to-do list) 

-Understand how hair shaders work on unity, until then, he will need to have his helmet on haha. 

-Make a new rig or start making and using my own animations, right now the free anims im using deform my model a lot. 

-Start learning a bit of coding so i can do stuff like switch between controling the pilot and the mech. 

-Design and produce more characters, like enemies. 

-Make things like rocks, sand, little animals, vegetation, that sort of stuff. 

Gifs and Video footage soon! 

Btw, since this is getting really technical, im not sure if i should keep posting this stuff here or instead revive my old thread from 2013 in the summer pitch section, let me know what you guys think please!

[Image: zFNMFBs.jpg]
AHAHAHHA SWEEET! Keep postin everything dude! I like what i see even though i don't really know what the hell you're doing :) I guess that's the magic of it all!

PS love dem traps ooh yea
wow thats lookin awesome, and holy shit the mechs bigger then I thought it was gonna be XD.
As for reviving the summer pitch, I don't see the point in this case, you seem to be workign almost exclusively on this project now so this sketchbook would essentially be dead alot of the time XD.
Fedodika: hahahaha thanks dude! :D Then i will be posting my advances here with the game regularly along with any concept art/3d art i produce.

Triggerpigking: thanks mate! :) still not sure about the scale of the mech, i have a friend who is a mechanical engineer who is helping me to design the mechs in the game and we are still deciding a few things. But i want it to be at least  10 mt tall. You are right by the way, i guess if its alright i will be posting everything here as usual.

So, not much to show this time, BUT i think i found a way to speed up things considerably, so there may be a huge update in the horizon. :)

For now, take a look at some pre-alpha footage of the overworld.
This video shows a map i did on Unity 5 to test a few things, the final map will be crafted by hand entirely and much bigger so you can spend hours looking for secret places and stuff.



Also, in the last screenshots i posted the model of the main character was really deformed, i think it looks better now, god bless mixamo. ;D Here are some gifs, the auto-rigging isnt perfect, but it still does a much better job than me lol hahaha Man this game is going to be a nostalgia overdose for me, and i hope for some of you too!

[Image: v85mzPP.gif]

[Image: Gp4uesH.gif]

[Image: Om7xTpf.gif]
DUDE those gifs ARE SUWEEEET <3 <3!!!!
Nice gifs dude, the posing is lookin pretty fluid.

Also cool work on the basic overworld so far, did you take alot of inspiration from the new xeno game by any chance?(still waiting on that damn game, the japanese have had it for months :[ )
Fedodika: thankss dude :D

Triggerpigking: hey man thanks! argh dont remind me of that game, i will have to buy a WiiU just for that one. xD Actually im taking lots of inspiration from Xenogears, and a bit of the original xenoblade too. Though the story is more like a gundam series like Z or the more recent Unicorn.

So... i've spent most of the week doing stuff in unity (Im using the ORK framework now so i dont have to code almost anything by myself hah!) and trying to understand how shaders work on the engine. I wish shaders here worked as easy as in marmoset.  But they dont, so i still have a long way to go and many assets to buy from the unity store. ;D But better to spend a few hundred on good assets so you can focus on doing the graphics and the game design.

Now im testing a main menu screen, will record a new video once i learn how to use a better recording software...

Also, starting from the next week im  back to the drawing table so expect a lot of concept art in the coming weeks.

[Image: IN1UNHV.gif]

[Image: YlXfrC6.jpg]

[Image: d94Weet.jpg]
Mariyan-Hristov: thanks a lot man! :) you know i appreciate it.

So how are you guys doing? im still trying to understand how the whole Unity thing works. Specially Lightning and Physically based materials, as i feel thats the last thing i need to get moderately good at to start working on a functional prototype haha.
I've also been drawing a lot of concepts, but... they kinda suck haha will wait t bit longer until i post any concept art, most of the design of the game is pretty nebulous. But its slowly taking form, 2016 is going to be one hell of a year!

So for now, i only have another small update, here is a video with an updated main screen and a clouple screenshots showcasing the level im building and some 3d assets.

What do you guys think of the interface? its just a concept, but i would like to use something like that.

[Image: PJApiYc.jpg]
A forest with 3 meshes. (plus some asset store stuff)  xD Seriously, i will have to model many more 3d assets, which is great, because doing this stuff is super fun anyway. 
Cant wait to show it in movement, but the lightning system is still incomplete, and i still dont know how to render some materials completely right mainly the skin and the hair, but i will get there...  
[Image: sx04mSQ.jpg]
Cool stuff dude, yeah I like the main screen, not much going on but enough in the corner to keep your attention.

the interface seems alright, could be better but it works.
Triggerpigking: i have to agree, man there is so much stuff to do and learn. Now i understand i need to choose my battles carefully. xD And thanks!

Fedodika: A month later or so... there is new stuff! thanks mate haha

Sketchosoph: thanks! :D 

So... i've been very busy this past month. Mostly learning how to do stuff in unity, but i also started to learn how to use Substance painter and know i fucking love it. Between that and a bit of freelance i did this month, i dont have too much to show this time either. Sorry! 
But anyway, here is the update.

A new player character, maybe you will remember her from my earlier anime concepts. 
[Image: dnCz5fF.jpg]

Textured, rigged and posed. (Weapons are placeholders i found online, i didnt do them!)

[Image: xkIAkE7.png]

And here is another pre alpha gameplay video of Amarok. 
Showing the character controller (outside battles) and a player character with cloth/hair physics. 
The physic engine of Unity is still hilariously broken... hopefully i will be able to keep updating the SB weekly. :D

Woah, Im impressed by how far you have gotten with this IP project, good job man.
Wow, intense. Really amazing work. I don't know what to say! Stunned silence of awesome! Keep pushing it, man. Grin
Godamn dude these updates! great work on the character model and yeah the movement in that video.. she looks like she's in the midst of a bathroom emergency XD(still looks better then oblivions movement system though lol).

Keep it coming dude :)
crackedskull: thanks a lot mate! its a bit crazy really, less than a year ago i was just sketching concepts for a videogame, now im making one, feels weird but awesome. xD

Bookend: haha many many thanks! :D im glad you like this stuff. 

Triggerpigking: hahaha thank you! well at least its better than oblivion. xD I kinda wanted to emulate the movement in MGS5, i guess got too ambitious haha. I will stick to more realistic goals from now on. 

Just one last update about Alisanne, the player character. I would say in a extremely out of character pose, but since she is the player and you get to choose her personality... 
Also, im ditching the real world military theme in favour of a more dark fantasy/cyberpunk setting (like biomega from tsutomu nihei) so i probably wont work on this model any further. 

Next update will probably be about making facial animations in blender and importing them into Unity. 
Along a new outfit and body/face texture for her hopefully. 

[Image: YEOnc2S.jpg]
New outfit! this should be the initial battle armor of the game, after that you can craft or purchase more lighter or heavier versions of this suit. After this, i definitely need to get to practice so next time i can actually produce something 100% close to my original designs for the game. 
I simply cant wait to have all the 3d stuff figured out so i can focus on implementing a volley beach minigame to compensate for the all the heartbreaking stuff in the main storyline haha.

[Image: UgO8lFG.png]
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