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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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Heya Eduardo! Still going strong I see. The best thing in life is to crush your enemies and look at your nice Conan study, I think you really nailed the atmosphere in it! Haven't thought about doing gesturestudies from videogames either, good idea.

One thing I noticed is that in your portraits you usually draw the eyes a bit too close together. Could be a thing to observe next time you paint a face :D
Keep up the great work man!
iCi: thanks man! and i´m glad my input was helpful. :)

Bjulvar: Hey thanks mate! yeah, try doing some studies of some videogame, comic, anime, etc... that have poses or movements you like, as long as you dont copy directly the subject you will be learning a ton. Also thanks for pointing that issue with the eyes, i will pay more attention to that.

And now, some more concepts for the Sacred flame! And i did it in a mangaish fashion because its so fun. :P By the way, the one in the center is a military uniform, not a scholar one (even i have my limits haha)

aaand 3 more poses, now i really need to go to bed. Its been a long day...
New character design for my graphic novel project.
The battle hardened commander of the Histanian forces, Severa.
This character belongs to a Spanish like faction, so i took reference from the spanish legion to design her uniform (mixed with a samurai touch) the 2 and 3 color schemes are based on the spanish legion too.

This night sketches:

I tried more active poses this time, plus i worked 80% from imagination this time, thats why these sketches look shittier than usual. :P

Hey daggers! another concept, character design is so addictive. :)
And this time i saved some steps, in case anyone is curious to see how my recent pose practice translates into work from imagination. Yes, this one almost from imagination (i only referenced the clothing from a previous design of mine)

She is Val from the imperial Executioners, dont get fooled by her charming smile, the lady is dangerous.


i feel like the practice i started this last week is starting to show some results.
Evangelion, Ayanami Rei sketch, everything from imagination (except some details of the suit)

warming up for Noah Bradley Art camp first assignments!

Attack on titan too much?
First works for Noah's Art camp, i would like to work some more today but i´m really tired. Sometimes is better to just go to bed, sleep a whole night and start fresh a new day.

And some more poses i did on my own.



Interesting comp' studies man :D Can't wait to see your next exercises ;)
sweet updates mate, those gestures are coming along nicely. Keep at um dude, defiant improvements around the corner if you keep hammering them like you are doing. Keep it up!
Izzual: thanks! :) i will post them for sure!

Warburton: thank you for your support mate, thats what i needed to hear to keep on the fight.
For figure/gesture drawing this website is a godsend:

Today i show you a new design for my The sacred flame project.

She is Nis/Jane who at different points in the story is trained by the two main characters, thats why her final outfit combine elements of both characters.

And mooore pose drawings, just doing 3 or 4 isnt going to make a difference, so i will try to make a lot more each day. (And i still have to deal with the stuff from Noah's camp, so this is going to be fun.)

Attack on titan fanart and a wip for my first master study for Noah's camp.
Good old Frazetta.


Finished master study! it felt like i could be working on this until the end of time but i still have to do two more, by tomorrow. xD

Attack on titan :3
Your poses are getting crazy lately, so many action and also great studies . I love how your work is growing into something really good,and in such a short amount of time. I've been watching your work every day,and you are giving your best. Good luck with everything^^ and have lots of fun
Toxicpanda: i love Attack on titan haha. And thank you! i really appreciate your words, i've been working much more lately, good to hear that someone see improvement. :)

And here is the rendered version of my previous design for The sacred flame.

It started as a new frazetta master study for Noah Bradley Art camp, but instead of doing some barbarian on steroids i did a character of mine.
Everything except the color palette is done entirely from imagination, hence, all the weird stuff on her anatomy and the crappy light setup. xD

But it is the first time i pull something like this from imagination, so i feel kinda satisfied in that aspect.

Still working from imagination, except for my daily dosis of pose sketches.
I remember you from the streams, You're awesome :D
thanks a lot Ken! but i´m curious now, what streams are you refering to? because i never livestreamed myself.

And more imagination practice, trying to do a more dynamic pose, but it is hard to concentrate in what you are doing when you can totally hear your neighbours getting laid. Just... keep drawing...

More work from imagination, i dont know how i ended doing something like this.
The legend of Zelda: PREPARE TO DIE EDITION
I would totally buy a crossover like this. And a warmup sketch.


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