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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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Damn man, you can see your improvement from the top of page 14 to the bottom of page 14. That's crazy
Pete: thanks man! its always nice to hear that you are advancing somehow.

Corza: I will say the same to you mate, thanks a lot!

Today i´m trying to apply what i've learned in the bloodsports in this portrait sketch.
I got ref from an awesome big boss female cosplay i saw today.

Today drawing practice, focus on expressions, trying to achieve a good comic looking lineart.
You will see, give me seven years. xD




I'm loving those rough sketches, they portray the character really well

Also nice comic on your previous page :)
Thanks Vices! :)
I dont really have any time these days, but this sb needs to be updated!
I managed to save some time and work on this picture about two main characters of my comic.
I will upload a few progress shots for now.


Still experimenting and stuff, i already changed quite a bit the background.
I did today this final fantasy inspired sketch/study to help me with the background of the main illustration, and yeah it helped!

(11-08-2012, 01:43 AM)EduardoGaray Wrote: [ -> ]thanks Nazetta!

new concepts for my graphic novel project.

WOW, I ADMIRE your art; concepts (this one in particular), process...all of it! Your experiences and influences really drive you and I love that. So much dude: it's inspirational! I'm a fan.

I'm a frickin' fan.

I was thinking of purchasing Calling to the Night; beautiful man. Sorry for getting weird, but hey, what can you do.
Thank you Manny! that means a lot. :)
And sorry for the late reply these days have been little strange.
Aaand, on top of that, i proudly present you the picture i have been working on since yesterday:

If you can only see black and some red shit on the upper part it is because my computer lost power for a few seconds, shut down and Photoshop corrupted the file. :)

I´m so happy right now adobe, so happy.
Hey there! sorry about the rant of my last post, i suppose i was too upset to think with clarity. :P
Nevermind i just bought a SAI today, i hope that will prevent shit like that in the future.

Aaand, here is a new The sacred flame artwork.
Title: Tears to the wind.

Whatsup! i couldnt resist to do the opposite of the last one, same character, completely diferrent expression and mood. Plus, i watched Evangelion 3.33 yesterday and had to do something in the mood. :)
And let me tell you, trying these kind of extreme expressions without specific reference from the model is difficult. But thats what make it a good practice i suppose.

Now the fun is over, back to work.
nice sketchbook you have here..took a look from beginning to end.. and you improved a lot...keep it going.
sker2: thanks a lot! i will keep going no doubt! :)

First study for the bloodsports, what is best in life?
[Image: attachment.php?aid=22362]
hey man, sorry to hear about the corrupted file. I don't think you can truely call yourself a digital artist until thats happened to you. I think we've all had that happen to us one time or another, it's a pain in the ass.

I like those latest mood portrait pieces, you seem to have developed a good ability to capture mood through facial expressions which is pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing your bloodsports develop too, i'm interested to see where you take it.

Sweet updates mate, keep um coming.
Thanks a lot mate! for the corrupt file, the same day it happened i ordered a Secondary power source to connect both the PC and the monitor, and it already saved my ass a few times. Best purchase i have made in a looong time. The best part is that you can really relax while painting, knowing that you wont lost your work, and enjoy peace of mind.

This new bloodsport is really cool, and dat judge! i´m looking forward to see your work too. :)

And today, before going to bed i did this quick concept for my graphic novel, it is the same character from the last mood portraits.

Feel free to tell me what color scheme do you like the most, or to suggest a new one!

love that king ed! :D looking dapper
ah man, it's always hard to loose a piece of work ... But this is what makes life interesting !! ( ... hmm no, that ain't true ... ) anyway, good amount of work here ! keep up all those stuff man !
I did another super quick sketch based on yesterday concept.
i really want to do a proper character sheet for her, with all the outfits she wears in the novel, if only i had time, i will have to wait till june.

Mr.Toodles: thanks mate! it kinda rushed that study, thats not really a good thing, but oh well. Also, looks like the camp is gonna start really soon, cant wait to start man.

Kikindaface: no, thats not what makes life interesting haha. thank you, i've been pretty inactive the last month, i will try to update this thing daily from now on, even if it just a shitty sketch.
Some gesture studies today, in case someone is wondering, i used BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma: Material Collection as reference. That artbook is mainly anime, BUT along with the anime CG it features tons of pages full of motion drawings of the characters (kinda like a guide for the game animators)

Gesture (or maybe, pose?) studies, round two, Fightu!

For this exercise i picked cool poses from different sources, videogames, illustrations, photos, whatever (extra points for you if you find the poses from Hokuto no ken and Metal gear rising) and tried to capture the pose but in a female type body.
Sweet pose and gesture sketches, you are really stepping it up lately :)

P.S. Tnx for the input about that sketch, imma go ahead and do that right nao! :P
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