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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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Nice man!, glad to see you are being super productive. Good work stepping into 3d.

Pay attention to the neck, and where the spine attaches to the back of the skull, i think that is a major problem area for you. Also make sure you are making the rip cage big enough and considering how the hips and rib cage fit into the body.
OtherMuzz: thanks for the feedback mate! :) yeah, the neck are is giving trouble indeed.
I still need to get more ref on that area an rework it, but for this past few days i've been focusing on the hands, feet and overall proportions.

So yeah, i focused on modeling the feet and hands, and its hard... xD

Also the proportions of the body should be better now, i think. (And closer to how this character looked in my head!) I really cant wait to get all the proportions and anatomy right so i can start posing, detailing, etc.

The work on the hands and the feet definitely shows! I also like how natural the hips and the back look now, keep it up man! This is looking good :)
Idk about you but I'm digging the stylisation meng <3

So cool to see how you flesh out your projects @_@

can't wait for more updatessssssssss
wla91: thanks mate! i worked some more on those, and then stopped for a few days because i had burn out haha. Now i think the proportions are alright, but there is still room for improvement of course.

smrr: Yeeah :D thanks smrr!

So hey guys! summer is here, i hope you are already working hard, no time for slacking off at the beach! *cries*

Well, i continued working on the model, and then worked on some basic clothing.
Now i will try to decimate the polycount and rig it to be textured and used in a game engine.
Most probably Unreal engine.
Also! i want to alternate 3d with 2d, so i will keep posting some drawings along with the 3d/game updates this summer.




and little gif...

Wha.. what happened here?! Going on vacation for a bit, and coming back to you suddenly mastering photobash, 3d, making rpgs, …!!!

Good job on the girl.. I ilke the newer proportions - looking good! I’m not really qualified to crit 3d models, so take it with a grain of salt - but I think the feet could be placed a bit closer… or the knees need to be placed with a bit more distance from each other. Right now she’s slightly x-legged. Not sure if that made sense.

Curious to see more updates from you!
Oooh 3D is looking nice!
If I can offer any crit, is the edge thing - 3D or 2D, that thing will haunt us forever.
I'm not sure if you saw this video here, but heck, it helped me and I'm not even doing 3D:

Also i LOVE this last sketch <3
Lyraina: hey there! thanks for stopping by :) hope you had a good vacation, i want to go to the beach so bad this year haha. Also glad you like the 3d model, you are probably right about the feet, i tried to give her that weird stance japanese girls do, not sure how to explain it haha. 

Ursula Dorada: Thanks for the crit Sula! and for the video, i didnt have the time to watch it, but i will give it a go tomorrow. And i'm glad you like that sketch, i was trying to emulate Yusuke Kozaki a bit hehe, that dude is pretty crazy. 

First i want to thanks Dennis for the recent upgrade of the forum, it looks great! :D also the like button is gone now, at first i missed it but i too i'm guilty of "liking" and not commenting at all... so i will take this change to try and become more active. 
Here are more concepts for Amarok, pre production for the game is almost done. Now the goal is to start producing the first assets for the game in July, and have a playable prototype in August. 

I'd try making the Level 3 version shorter and the head bigger, she feels more like a reduced level 1 than a smaller evo

Although I'm not really sure what you are going for since she is level 3? She's getting smaller so I guess she isn't evolving? it's more like different levels of a mutation? Can you give any details?
(06-24-2015, 06:02 AM)Gliger Wrote: [ -> ]I'd try making the Level 3 version shorter and the head bigger, she feels more like a reduced level 1 than a smaller evo

Although I'm not really sure what you are going for since she is level 3? She's getting smaller so I guess she isn't evolving? it's more like different levels of a mutation? Can you give any details?

Hey man! i guess the level thing is a bit confusing my bad! i was refering to the level of deformation from anime/cartoony to chibi/superdeformed. Also, bravely default yes, that was exactly my ref haha.
BRO! Thanks for the comment in my sb! You're kickin ass in here BRO! hey, man i know it's fucking boring, but feet man... it's a wierd thing to learn and it feels stupid i know but it goes a long way... like i love chalkin stuff up to stylization too, but we're gettin into a more realistic territory, you know you want it to be right. And eyelids man, lower eyelids bro, their round man, got little glossy things on the edges and eyelashses. look at malcolm liepke paintings, he draws sexy anemic chicks hehehe, big influence on me! That girl face you did up there 3d, she needs some lower eyelids bro, kinda creepy not gonna lie man. She is cute tho <3

But props to you dude, 3d, i just can't do it man; I get on it and it's like fuck man i gotta start all over... Good you got the stones to learn it now, it'll only help bro man dude.
Eduaaaaardooooooo ~ you've been up to more cool stuffs!
How dare you o:<

Haha but seriously, dat gif doe! "Yes!" Is all I can say about that
Also, have I ever mentioned how much I love how you draw your folds in clothing?! Seriously it takes your work to the next level
Gives your characters more life!

Woah, that Nadia chick is a Sniper?! I feel like she's hiding something O_O reminds me of Nui Harime from Kill La Kill - cute, but obscenely evil and violent lol

No crits from me :D keep it up Eddy, looking forward to more of yo updatess
Nice updates dude, your 3d work keeps getting better and better with each update, I agree with Fedorika on that you should probbly do a few feet studies, everything on the 3d model looks great except for the feet, (I'm just as guilty, need to study them more as well XD).
Keep kickin ass dude.
Heya ed! hard working as always.
do you do this all by yourself ? your game? coding n stuff , ever considered asking for help?
For japanese girl stance you’ll have to make her feet go inwards a bit more (as in, big toes are closer than heels… if that makes sense.. like this:, if we’re talking of the same thing :D But that was really just a nitpick XD

Awesome seeing your project proceed, keep it up!
Great projects. You have wide skillset if you can design, make 3d assets for the game and then put it all together. And then draw comic book between one project and another :D.
Have you tried LazyNezumi for linework? You might benefit from that little plugin. The stroke economy could go to next level. Pay more attention to lineweight (like thicker lines in the shadow side, on heavier objects and so on). On the other hand all this will definitely improve with time whenever you put focus on that or not so you don't have to stress about it too much.

Cheers :).
Fedodika: Duuude. thanks! :D shit, i didnt notice until you mentioned, the eyelids... and feet. Your critique kinda kicked my ass so keep them coming  bruh :D I started a new model with more anime ish proportions, think these pvc anime figurines, something like that. Just googled that Malcolm guy, its pretty awesome, totally right my alley. And 3d, yeah, man you can always give Sculptris a try, its like modeling with real clay, and it will get you started with 3d real quick. 

smrr : heeey :D i do what i want, fuck the police. Lol, thanks! clothing is super complicated, too much to learn left. About Nadia, nah she is a super nice girl, well for someone brutally efficient at killing people with a sniper rifle. 

Triggerpigking: sup man! yeah i did a new model, and the feet are kicking my ass! i think these feet are looking better, but i could be totally wrong so feel free to critique it all you want. :)

KurtJeremy: hey there dude! well the point of this project was to be able to build a whole game all by myself, to learn as much as possible (so far its working!) except i guess, the music and not sure about the coding, if it becomes too complicated maybe i will have to hire someone to help me with that. xD

Lyraina: yes! i definitely need more ref, i will make sure i get it right in the next female model. :)

Farvus: hey mate! :) yes, thats the idea behind the project, doing the whole pipeline by myself, from sketch to the game engine. And man, i tell you i miss working on my comic, one day... About lady nezumi i use clip studio paint for painting/drawing which has neat stabilizer tool but i dont use it much, maybe i should... 

I'm sculpting something new, going full anime this time. 
His name is Jim, he doesnt think size matters at all! 

[Image: Jr0MnL8.png]

Thanks a lot for your critiques and comments guys, they mean more to me that what you may think. :) 
I think i have the general proportions more or less finished, only details like muscles, hands, feet and ears are left. 
There are like a seam between the main body and the hands/feet because i'm working with the latter as separate subtools.
Thats a ton of stuff man, good work on making your dreams come true!
Cool to see all the 3d stuff youve been getting into.
crackedskull: thanks man!  its nice to have a goal and working towards it. :) Best way to keep your motivation and spirit up is to have a clear, tangible goal to achieve. 

Here is another 3d update, today i focused on the clothing, tomorrow i will keep working on it more and possibly start working with the hair.

Lookin' good dude!
Yeah, fuck da popo, you know what's up!

Nice, someone who doesn't compensate hahahaha

Getting ready for an update of hiiiim! :D
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