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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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You're getting much better at 3D I think. Is this still going to be an rpg or are you leaning in a different direction now?
Adam Lina: thanks mate! yes, definitely going for an rpg. The question is if its going to be action or turn based. But yeah, its still to early to worry about that when im still learning how to put all this stuff on a game engine. 

Metal gear solid V is taking forever to download here, so in the mean time i started a new fire emblem fanart. 
Going to do the full process with this one, maybe i will even try to get into the unreal engine. 

Added texture and materials, was my first time trying to create realistic textures and its bloody hard. 
Now preparing the model to be rigged and maybe even animated. 

Keep it coming dude, these models are starting to look really good, especially in clothing on the last one(that robin from fire emblem?), hope to see it animated.
First of all, thanks for sharing that vid! That's some really interesting stuff....I didn't even think of this before!

Other than that I can only agree with Triggerpigking! The last one really looks good, I especially like her face (: Can't wait to see your next models. I'm still baffled at how fast you picked up on it.
Triggerpigking: thanks mate! well she is supposed to be Morgan, but i think i made her look too mature, so i guess she can be Robin too haha. I havent animated her yet, and probably i wont since the retopologized model isnt that good, i would need to do the whole retopo + baking textures again and i prefer to jump into the next model. 
But at least i learned to rig and pose her. :)

Cyprinus: No problem! glad to help :D im also glad you like this one, next time i suppose i will do a guy for a change and after that i will try to get into hard surface modeling. 

You can see the model posed here


and the 3d viewer!
Nice work, looks like you've been having a lot of fun with it. Grin Thumbs_up
Bookend: Thanks! yeah that one was a lots of fun, specially on the sculpting phase, though figuring out the whole retopology > bake textures > rig the model workflow was insanely frustrating, though that moment when finally everything comes together is awesome haha. (And im still pretty bad at it, just knowing the basics for now!)

So i realized i only sculpt ladies recently, so i started working a Mech for a change. Now working on texturing/details. This is just the base of the robot. After i retopo, bake textures, rig, etc this one and make sure everything works i will start working on the the rest of the armor, weapons and the pilot cockpit.

Yay mechas!, nice work so far, the red parts add a nice flair to it.
What kind of weapon are you thinkin about giving it?.

Oh yeah and the only reason I thought that was robin was because of the cloak and book, my knowledge of that series is literally only from smash bros XD.
Triggerpigking: thanks mate! aah that explains it haha well, Morgan is supposed to be your Daughter/Son in Fire emblem awakening (Morgan is always the opposite sex of Robin/Your Avatar.) And it has the potential to become the most grossly overpowered character in the game. :) 
About the Mech, im thinking about giving it an Assault Rifle, which considering the scale could act as artillery! and some close combat stuff like a Knife or a sword. 

This time around the process to get the sculpt game engine ready went smooth and easy.  Im not worried about materials just yet because i will have to make those inside UE4 anyway, so i just baked normals, albedo and occlusion and put them together in a standard material on Marmoset Toolbag2 now its my opportunity to draw/paint some stuff since i need to design the rest of the mech.

[Image: 25nAFir.jpg]
Look at how far you've come since you first ever 3D modelling attempt! And it wasn't even that long ago!
meat: thanks dude :D to be honest, i still love doing 2d stuff, but im starting to think that maybe im more suited for 3d after all. At least i enjoy doing 3d so much more. 

Im starting to concept some ideas for a possible first prototype on UE4 

Interface and anime characters are placeholders for now. 

I tried doing the railgun the mech carries in zbrush but it wasnt a good idea after all, next time i will try to do all the hardsurface stuff on blender. 

As always your opinion/criticism is very welcome. :)

[Image: Kmy1f5C.jpg]

[Image: VKqOBmr.jpg]

[Image: q1qkJSY.jpg]

[Image: XVcRx8N.jpg]
DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE NIECEEEE Reminds me of the stuff on the front page of artstation :)
Fedodika: thanks mate! :D yeah trying to see your work there someday is a nice goal xD 

I modeled the pilot of the mech and did a few fake game screenshot to serve as concepts. 
Now its time to delve into UE4 tutorials, i love this project, just when you think you can get comfortable doing something, nope, you need to learn something new from 0 haha. 
So, with a bit of luck the next update will be real in game screenshots. :) (These ones are a mix of photoshop and Marmoset toolbag) 

[Image: eduardo-garay-screenshot000.jpg?1444651065]

[Image: eduardo-garay-screenshot001.jpg?1444651071]
[Image: eduardo-garay-screenshot002.jpg?1444651085]
[Image: eduardo-garay-screenshot003.jpg?1444651088]
Them mechs are lookin better and better man, the railgun/sword combo is an awesome idea.
Only issue I see with the models is again the face and hair(hair looks like playdoh lol), but i'm assuming you need to put them through another stage for them to start to come together better.

Look forward to seeing them ingame screenshots man, keep it coming ;)
You've grown so much in such a short period of time! Looking over the last 5 pages or so it's insane how far you're jumped.
Okay, so cool! I agree that you've really progressed rapidly. Yes! Keep going! Thumbs_up The journey's not over!
Triggerpigking: indeed mate! well the face looks weird because i still need to get much better at making faces haha but about the playdoh hair, i think i finally got the technique to render polygonal hair, so take a look at this update and let me know what you think. :D

Pax: thanks a lot! to  be honest i love this stuff, before i got into 3d the road to learning was a bit blurry and i got bored and discouraged easily, but now im 100% motivated all the time, its awesome.

Bookend: thank you! :) indeed, the journey just started, im still on the first tutorial level. xD

So like trigger mentioned, the hair looked like plastiline haha so i started to learn how to effectively render polygonal hair. The trick is this, you use an alpha channel to tell the engine/rendering software which parts of the texture render and which ones to left invisible, only rendering the hair strands on your texture and not the polygons of the mesh. 
As you can see, i still have a long way to go until i master this technique, but now its just practice. 

Another thing i got into: Subsurface scattering, which is a way to simulate how the light enters through the different layers of the epidermis. 

PD: i hope you will like dat ass. 

[Image: kl4l3qQ.jpg]
Hi daggers! i wasnt happy with how that last mech pilot turned out, so i started again. 

The body still needs A LOT of work haha but im moderately satisfied with how the new pilot suit is turning out. 
Today i basically tried to use reflectivity maps on the skin and the nylon like pants to have different levels of specularity on the same material. 

[Image: fH1iA3E.jpg]
Calling this guy finished... for now. 

Still not sure about the design of the suit/armor, might change it again. But now its time to see if i can finally put this guy on the unreal engine.

[Image: hsABU3u.jpg]

you too guys want to get pumped with some mecha action? :D try some gundam 

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