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Full Version: Eddy´s Sketchbook
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thanks Atrenr, Lumens!

Lumens: i will take a look :)

Also, i changed the legs, but i lost the full resolution file, and had to resize a jpg, i hate when that happens.

amazing stuff in here, I really love the design for the graphic novel project you got going in here man! Love the studies keep up the hard work!
Nice sketchbook mate! I really like how you handle color. There's some proportional issues with Rose, her legs feel way too long! Might be intentional, but I'll point it out anyway :D Loving that spanish conquistador illustration.
Cj: thanks man! i will :)

Bjulvar: yep, the legs are intentional, i was looking for that stylized japanese/Korean style, and thanks mate!

Today i was a bit off, i need to sleep more.
Here is a sketch, trying to mimic Yoji Shinkawa style, just for fun.
Another crazy artist i´ve found is Kim Bum from Korea, but everytime i google his name an actor singer, or something like that appears in his place xD

love the MGS influence
Throw your sketchbook link into your signature. Will make it easier to comment on your work xD

Love your stuff. One thing that bothers me though is how you handle edges. I mean it's hard to explain. Sometimes you go to soft in areas of vocus vs. go to hard in less important parst. You slow down a bit and do some studies from life to get better grasp on it. Side of that, great work. Hope to see more. And now i'm subscribed so I'll be able to find you more easly xD
Thanks for stopping by my Sketchbook! I can see some real nice progress in here, keep up the good work!
Mr.Toodles: it was real fun to do, so there are more coming!

Ramalooke: i know what you mean, i´ve focusing these days on my graphic novel project, but i will try to study again everyday. Also, i updated my signature haha, thanks man! :)

Mythtaken: no problem mate! it was my pleasure. And thanks.

Here is some sketches from this morning, this time i tried to study Ashley wood work, crazy good artist indeed! so much respect and admiration to him.



someone said Dark souls 2?? :)
Oooh lots of love for the lines :D
thanks Ursula :)

finished doodle,its crappy i know.
Now back to work!
i allowed myself do do a really quick paintover. kinda feel that first one works better ;3 nice stuff though ;3
[Image: siubadub.jpg]
awesome ramalooke! i like your paintover a lot, i think i will work on it a bit more :)
work from today, a fantasy trader from atrenr challenge and a anatomy/gesture practice.
Tomorrow i will keep working on the second one.


current wip, this has become a real challenge!

I planned to do an armored character with a fancy flamesword and some crazy lightning and color scheme.
Easier to be said than done.

As always, your feedback and criticism is welcome. :)



Hey Eddy, the pose is amazing and lighting is awesome. The next step will be the hardest - committing to areas of light and refining them. It actually looks really good as it is, but I'm guessing you want to refine it and commit to details etc.
I did a quick overpaint of the face because some of the shapes are a bit off (for me)
thanks for the paint over man! really useful.

I´m working right now on the arm with the sword and the hands, will try to update it again today.
fantasy trader looks really nice. love how you handle clothing, colors seems to be a bit to simple, i would introduce some hue variation so it's less monochromatic. side of that nice job. like the idea and stuff ;3
thanks man! i had to do that merchant guy in a rush because i ran out of time to enter the challenge, i would love to work more on it.
But iwill keep your advice for the next round.
I'm digging the lady knight. The pose is pretty sweet, you have her in real armor(<3) and the lighting and colors look interesting. Only nitpick would be to make her face look a little more...fierce? With her current face it makes the pose feel more like a 'pose' rather than a backswing(I assume she is about to strike someone.) I look forward to seeing it pushed man!